Massage Therapy

At our clients’ request, we are pleased to introduce a suite of Massage Therapy treatments. Massage therapy is exclusive to our River North location and we recommend you add on an infra-red sauna treatment to your service for optimum relaxation and detoxification.

SWEDISH MASSAGE (60/90 min.) — $95/$135

A relaxing, full body massage using long sweeping strokes and light pressure to improve muscle tone and stimulate circulation.

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE (60/90 min.) — $125/$155

Medium to firm pressure; excellent for relieving tension, releasing tightness and reducing muscle pain.

AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE (60/90min.) — $110/$150

The power of essential oils is applied in this light and gentle body treatment transforming one into a state of deep relaxation.

HOT STONE THERAPY (60/90 min.) — $140/$170

Indulge yourself in a completely unique experience incorporating a tailored service which includes a variety of massage techniques as well as the precise placement of hot stones. The massage therapist applies gentle pressure to bring relief to sore muscles and joints, melting stress away and taking you to a deep level of relaxation.

PRE NATAL MASSAGE (60/90 min.) — $140/$170

This treatment is designed specifically for pregnant women, adapted to each stage of pregnancy. This inspirational therapy connects mother and baby through the power of touch. We use a calming massage oil with lavender or any scent of your choice. The massage concentrates on all the areas bearing extra strain – the back, legs and feet, while easing the mind and uplifting the spirit.

FOOT MASSAGE (30 min.) — $70

A truly relaxing massage of the body foundation. From legs down to toes, each muscle and tendon recovers optimal mobility. This massage focus on four main aspects of feet: muscular flexibility, joint mobility, blood circulation and skin elasticity. Great as an add on for any facial.

REFLEXOLOGY (60 min.) — $125

This ancient method of body balance stimulates nerve endings in your feet and hands that correspond to different areas in your body. The pressure relaxes the muscles while re-energizing your body. Our reflexology begins with a revitalizing “escalda pés” (a Brazilian herbal footbath).

Add an infrared sauna session to any massage for an additional $30