Brazilian Body Glow

Our serious approach to body care is a top-to-toe philosophy. Get a soft, glowing skin with our full body exfoliation. Perfect to hydrate sun damaged skin and/or artificially tanned. This treatment also includes a Vichy shower, our exotic horizontal cushioned table where warm water showers your whole body.

Choose between

  • rain forest

    $150 / 60min

    A rich sea salt mineral scrub exfoliation is used to remove dead skin cells while stimulating body circulation. The scrub is followed by a Vichy Shower and a gentle application of hydrating body lotion to smooth your skin leaving you as invigorated as a day in the Amazon.

  • chocolate glow

    $150 / 60min

    Treatment includes a full-body exfoliation with a chocolate sugar scrub. Oils from the Brazilian cocoa bean deliver intense hydration to the skin. All your senses will enjoy this delicious treat. This treatment also stimulates the circulatory system, prompting your body to detoxify naturally. Indulge your chocolate cravings with zero calories!

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