Massage Therapy

Enhance your Spa experience with a massage of your choice. For optimum relaxation and detoxification, we highly recommend you add an Infrared Sauna session.

Choose between

  • relaxation

    $125 / 50min

    $160 / 80min

    Using our signature essential oil blends, let us take you to a journey of relaxation, This gentle massage relaxes the body and calms the mind through the appeal of the senses.

  • deep tissue

    $135 / 50min

    $170 / 80min

    Focusing on specific areas, our skillful therapists will perform a combination of kneading, deep pressure and stretching to release the tension in your body while stimulating circulation and releasing tightness and muscle pain.

  • pre natal

    $140 / 50min

    $175 / 80min

    Adapted to each stage of pregnancy. Our massage is designed to relax tense muscles and ease sore spots as well as improve circulation and mobility

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