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Experience an authentic touch to our waxing services at the City's Premier Brazilian Waxing Destination!

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A Peaceful Oasis in River North Chicago

Experience the Perfect Escape

Enjoy a tranquil atmosphere, soothing music, and a variaty of tea and water options in our spa, creating the perfect setting for ultimate relaxation during your visit.

Wellness & Beauty

We seamlessly blend wellness and beauty, ensuring that each visit not only enhances your appearance but also promotes your overall well-being.

Glowing Complexion

Our expert facial treatments use premium skincare products and innovative techniques to reveal a glowing complexion that radiates beauty.

Pampering Massages

Indulge in our skilled massage therapists' hands, as they work away tension and leave you feeling blissfully pampered.

Smooth, Silky Skin

Experience a range of invigorating body treatments that leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized from head to toe.

Expert Estheticians

Be treated by our skilled estheticians, trained by a Brazilian professional, who bring authentic techniques and a passion for beauty to every service.

Personalized Care

Each spa experience is tailored to your unique needs and preferences, ensuring you receive personalized care throughout your visit.

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Our Spa Services

Elevate Your Beauty Routine

Explore our thoughtfully designed service menu, tailored to enhance your natural beauty. Whether you seek relaxation, skincare rejuvenation, or hair removal solutions, our comprehensive range of treatments ensures that every aspect of your beauty journey is covered.

Good Brows.. Good Mood

Perfectly Sculped Brows

Frame your face and enhance your natural beauty

Relax, Refresh, Renew

Restore Harmony
to Your Mind and Body

Our highly trained therapists will work their magic, relieving tension and restoring balance, leaving you feeling utterly serene.

Authentic Brazilian Waxing

Smooth and Silky Skin

Try a team that has been Personally instructed by a Brazilian master of waxing!

Rejuvenate from Head to Toe!

Brazilian Body Glow!

Get a soft, glowing skin with our full body exfoliation and hydration.

The Sun Light Therapy

Boost immune response and detoxify with Infrared sauna technology.

See Your Skin In A "New" Light

Reduce signs of aging, relieve pain, and eliminate acne.

Got Collagen?

Restore and maintain skin's elasticity while promoting smoother skin texture.

From Our Happy Clients:

Testimonials That Inspire

The most specialized skincare and the waxing is the best I've experienced...

I have been going to Cleise Spa for 9 years and they never disappoint. Cleise Spa has the most specialized skincare and the waxing is the best I've experienced -- exactly like what I receive in Brazil. Lisa is amazing - actually all her estheticians are phenomenal. Cleise is a perfectionist and her Spa reflects that.

- Cleise exhibits such a peaceful and welcoming environment...

An excellent spa with the most talented and respectful group of Estheticians. Cleise exhibits such a peaceful and welcoming environment. Nowhere outside of Brazil can you get such exceptional waxing and they are always spot on with the latest and most advanced facial and beauty regimes. I've been going to Cleise since she opened her first spa on Sheffield.

I am often confused for someone twenty years younger...

There is no place in Chicago quite like Cleise's Day Spa. The service is impeccable and the quality of treatments is not matched anywhere. Cleise is truly a genius. She personally trains her staff and everyone's work is top quality. You can't go wrong at Cleise's Day Spa. I am often confused for someone twenty years younger. I have had no special work. I attribute this achievement to Cleise and her outstanding products

founder & ceo

Meet Cleise

Introducing Cleise Gomes, a native of Brazil and the visionary founder of Cleise Brazilian Day Spa. Since her arrival in Chicago, Cleise has ignited a buzz with her exceptional Brazilian techniques in spa services. Her talent and expertise have captured the attention of the city's most stylish day spas, who eagerly sought her out to train their aestheticians in Skincare and Brazilian waxing.

Passionate Professionals

Get to Know Our Talented Team

Each esthetician embodies Cleise's passion and dedication. Together, they create an atmosphere that is welcoming, nurturing, and infused with the vibrant energy of Brazil.


Senior Esthetician

After delving into the realm of business, Lisa realized her fervor for skincare and chose to pursue a career in esthetics. With extensive training at Tricoci University and invaluable experience at Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, she brings her utmost dedication to provide unparalleled service. Lisa's genuine passion shines through as she strives for remarkable results and unwavering client satisfaction.


Senior Esthetician

Mercedes's passion for skin and makeup blossomed in her childhood, igniting a lifelong love affair. Recognizing that becoming a licensed esthetician was the key to fulfilling her dream, she pursued her studies at the esteemed Douglas J. Aveda Institute. Now a valued member of Cleise Brazilian Day Spa, Mercedes strives to uplift every client, ensuring they leave her care feeling revitalized and beautiful.



Jessica, a former chef with a decade of experience in the food industry, found her true calling at Cleise Brazilian Day Spa. Seeking a balanced lifestyle for herself and her family, she followed her passion for skincare and made the bold decision to become an esthetician. With a lifelong dream of working in the beauty industry, Jessica's goal is to provide exceptional service and make her clients feel good, happy, and relaxed.



Meet Lis, a licensed esthetician with over two decades in the beauty industry. Starting as a makeup artist and skincare consultant for Christian Dior in 1996, she later pursued esthetics at Pivot Point Academy, Chicago. She shares her extensive product knowledge, aiming to help each client achieve skincare goals and enhance their natural beauty. From rejuvenating facials to personalized skincare, her expertise and friendly demeanor await, promising a pampered, confident you.


Massage Therapist

Jenna, a New School of Massage Therapy graduate in Chicago, passionately believes in the transformative power of massage therapy for the mind and body. Prioritizing self-care, she expertly combines various techniques to deliver a well-balanced relaxation massage. Jenna's goal as a massage therapist is to help her clients achieve their wellness objectives while creating a serene and tranquil experience.

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